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Terms & Conditions

Purchase of Lenovo Legion 5 or Yoga 6 with AMD processor is valid for this rewards program.  Purchase of Lenovo Legion 5 or Yoga 6 with AMD processor has to be from www.amazon.ae only, and from verified Lenovo store. Other unverified resellers are not accepted. You can tell if the reseller is verified if the order is from Lenovo store.

Here’s the link to Lenovo store on Amazon

The review screenshot has to show full name and verified purchase tag, the name and the email ID of the review submission has to match the invoice and the buyer details. The award is 350 AED in Amazon voucher after the verification of all of the above. Lenovo holds the right to reject submissions. This competition applies to UAE residents only. The contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or administrated by Amazon. By entering our submission, you release Amazon of every possible responsibility and accept their Terms & Conditions. Lenovo reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.